The world is quickly changing everyday due to COVID-19/Coronavirus. We feel it's the right thing to do to release a statement to our customers on the situation and how this will affect the shipping of our products.

Currently, orders will still ship:

Today (Tuesday 23rd March), the UK has been placed on lockdown and everyone must stay at home unless it's essential for you to leave the house. This could impact shipping of the magazines.

We aim to fulfil orders as soon as possible (we currently aim for the first week in April) but this date may be impacted by a number of factors listed below:

Printing Company

We’re closely monitoring updates from our printing company as to whether or not they are still open. Currently, it is business as usual for them and there are no issues currently with us being able to get the magazines printed. 

Shipping Company

We use Royal Mail to ship all our items from the local post office. We will be monitoring Royal Mail’s Coronavirus page on their website to see what changes there are to the postal service closer to the time of shipping. We will also be checking updates from our local post office to see if they’re still open to ship the parcels.

Our team

If it becomes unsafe for our team to ship out the magazines at the time we expect them to be shipped, shipment will be delayed. The health and safety of our team is top priority

What will happen if you can’t ship?

We will keep updating this page as soon as the situation changes. We want to make sure everyone receives their order but this may mean delays. It would be unfair for people who have bought the magazine because their article appears in it and them then not get the chance to actually see it in print. 

However, our top priority is following the UK guidelines and keeping everyone safe and if the situation changes we will have to make the decision to postpone the delivery of the magazine and give people the option to cancel, something we are prepared to do.